Member Magic Rewards

Introducing Member Magic Rewards: Boost your practice and win big!

Announcing the launch of our Member Magic Rewards program!

Designed to help your practice grow while offering exciting rewards, this program runs quarterly, so you’ll always have a chance to win. 

What is Member Magic Rewards?

Member Magic Rewards will span three months, offering unique giveaways each month.

To participate, all you have to do is simply add 10 or more members to your practice within a month. 

Once you add the members, you’re automatically entered into that month’s giveaway. Simple. 

What are the giveaways?

Each month, the top three users that have added the most members to their office will receive rewards.

The prizes for each month are gift cards worth $25, $50, or $100. 

Participating is simple: just add the members, and you’re in the running for these rewards. It’s that easy.

This means that each month brings a new opportunity to win, so be sure to keep adding members to increase your chances of making some magic happen for your practice. 

Any bonus prizes?

Absolutely. And they’re out of this world. 

In addition to the monthly giveaways, we’re offering a special bonus prize. When you add 15 or more members in a month, you’re entered into a drawing to win an additional $200 gift card. 

That means you could win up to $500 per quarter. Talk about winning big. 

This is a great incentive to strive for the top and maximize your efforts in adding new members. 

When you shoot for the stars, your practice could be the ultimate winner (wink wink). 

The competitive spirit

To keep the competition exciting and transparent, we’ve introduced a leaderboard feature on our platform. 

The leaderboard will display the offices adding the most members, allowing you to track your progress and see where you stand among your peers. 

This feature not only adds a competitive edge but also helps you stay motivated throughout the promotion period. 

So check the leaderboard regularly to see how close you are to the top spot!

How to add your members

Adding members to your practice is pretty straightforward. 

You can do this directly through our platform or by using the “Invite a Patient” links. 

It’s important to note that members added will automatically be attributed to the logged-in user. For HIPAA compliance, each user in your practice should have their own login credentials. Sharing logins is a no-go. 

If you need more user accounts, you can easily add them through our platform. Just check out our handy help video on the platform for step-by-step instructions to get started.  

What are the benefits?

Participating in the Member Magic Rewards program not only gives you a chance to win financial rewards but (most importantly) they also help your practice grow its membership base. 

The prizes are a great motivation, but the long-term benefits of having a larger member base are even more valuable. Increased membership can lead to greater patient loyalty, more consistent revenue, and a stronger community presence for your practice.

So we encourage all practices to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Start adding members today and participate in the Member Magic Rewards program to enhance your practice and win those prizes. 

Feel like you’re missing out on the magic? Schedule your demo to join VisionHQ today to see how we can get you in on the fun.

Get ready, get set, and start adding members.  The competition is on, and we can’t wait to see which practice will come out on top.

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