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The all-new VisionHQ platform was designed to help you create, manage and market a membership plan that levels up your practice.

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Patients enrolled in the vision membership plan enjoy a simpler and more streamlined system for payments, billing and updates from your practice.

simpler payments

Vision membership plans offer an affordable option to all patients, regardless of insurance status, to access the preventative care they need. 

increased access to care

Vision membership plans - and specifically VisionHQ - contribute to greater efficiency to make your daily workload much easier. 

streamlined management

A membership plan offers a better way to structure preventative care to all of your patients, reducing your dependence on insurance reimbursements.

reduced insurance dependency

Vision membership plans encourage your patients to visit your office more regularly, building lasting relationships, and improving patient loyalty.

patient retention

With monthly or annual payments from patients, vision membership plans provide a way for your practice to see more dependable revenue.

Dependable Revenue

What are some of the benefits of using VisionHQ for your practice?

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